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Discover the story, process, and people behind Pampered Peach®. Join our community and redefine your beauty experience.

We practice what we Peach

Our unique 3-step process

Our process ensures that you receive a personalized, efficient, and comfortable experience every time.


Our experienced Peachologists™ assess your skin and hair to recommend the best treatment for you.


Choose from our proprietary blend of hard wax, soft wax, or sugaring, each designed to provide a smooth and pain-free experience.


Post-treatment, enjoy our range of all-natural soothing masks that leave your skin glowing.

A little about us

The Pampered Peach® founder

The Pampered Peach® is dedicated to delivering unparalleled personal attention and a superior experience to every client. Our unique background, comprehensive training, and extensive experience in the beauty and wellness industry empower us to offer services that stand out in precision and quality. A testament to our commitment, we have been recognized as a leading waxing salon, with over 10,000 satisfied clients to date. Our approach ensures that every procedure is conducted with the utmost care, aiming for minimal discomfort. Indeed, feedback from our clients consistently highlights minimal to no pain during their waxing sessions, underscoring our ability to deliver on our promises. We prioritize convenience and a memorable experience for all who walk through our doors. When you visit The Pampered Peach®, you're not just a guest; you become part of our growing family of friends.

Born and raised in Tampa, Jessica's journey began with a fascination for skin care, a love for eco-friendly products, and an unwavering belief in the nurturing power of nature. As a licensed Aesthetician, Jessica’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft carved the path to what would become the heart of The Pampered Peach. Her innovative technique, paired with a specially formulated natural wax, revolutionized the waxing experience, turning the laborious process into a celebrated 5-minute Brazilian wax—synonymous with The Pampered Peach® today.

The seeds of passion that Jessica planted have since blossomed into a flourishing franchise, each location ripe with the promise of excellence and the allure of community. Now as a commendable nominee for the Tampa Bay Business Journal BusinessWoman of the Year 2024, Jessica's influence radiates beyond beauty, touching lives with her commitment to giving back time—the most precious gift of all. As a single mother of four, she understands the essence of time and crafts each treatment to not just beautify but to return moments to be spent with loved ones.

The Pampered Peach® has expanded its canopy from the cozy corners of Florida to the bustling streets of New York and the thriving neighborhoods of Texas. With upcoming openings in Johns Creek, Georgia, and Land O’ Lakes, Florida, we’re not just growing—we’re blooming in every direction.

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Franchising opportunities

Are you ready to join a movement that celebrates you in all your natural glory? Come, be part of our story as we continue to spread the joy of wellness, empowerment, and time well spent. Our franchising opportunities are a vessel for entrepreneurs to grow and flourish under the nurturing canopy of The Pampered Peach® brand. Discover the difference, embrace the community, and step into a world where being pampered is just the beginning.